Saturday, November 1, 2008

Keeping it Frugal

Next time you hit up a potluck and have little to spend and the creativity is flowing- I offer a suggestion:

Head of cabbage
Brown or while rice
A block or two of tofu
Tamari or Bragg's
Sesame Oil and Seeds
Marinade of your choice

Saute cabbage in tamari and finish with sesame oil
Make rice- enough to feed
Marinate tofu with your choice of recipes...I have suggested Candle in the past, but most awesome books and even blogs can help you out...same ole' ingredients...ginger and garlic a must and so on...sorry BAKE your tofu...

Not sure why I didn't take a photo, but it filled a huge glass dish...spread cabbage and placed tofu on top....sprinkle sesame seeds ...serve rice in separate dish...seriously...awesome and cheap. I recommend that you bring some sweet chili sauce for a bit more heat or flavor...

Asian Tofu with Sauteed Cabbage and Brown Rice

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