Friday, August 8, 2008

Bienvenidos y Introducciones

Like many, I come from a long line of cooks in my family who don't jive with the concept of compassionate cooking. This has been my challenge and though it has been a struggle to get here, I am proud of myself. I do feel guilty some times, but I am grateful that I have gained some awareness.

I have been struggling with eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet for a few years and am getting there. I am a full-time vegan baker, but in a town where breakfast tacos rock- I break down sometimes.

If you come across any my homies in Alamo-land and ask them about my dishes, most will probably tell you about my yummus hummus. It was the first recipe I ever mastered on my own and because it is cheap, easy to prepare, and transport- it is has been the thing I contribute to parties and potlucks. So I start here...


I imagine in the next few posts, I will share some food and travel experiences with other introductions of my loved ones, projects, and all that jazz.

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