Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food I Don't Like!!!

That title seems boring, but should you be searching for recipes or ideas as I do- let it be known that I don't care for the following foods and will probably not add them to meals unless finely processed for flava...like carrots...hhhmm... part of the holy trinity of flavor. In 2003, I worked in a B and B up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and learned that adding red onion, celery, and carrots to a processor and pulsing the crunch out of them adds the "umph" to a dish. Well, mainly side dishes...but think soups, chile, under the panko crusted _____, mac salad, pot salad, plain rice....get it?

So not in any order... me no likey:

carrots- dig the juice and Candle's ginger dressing, though
peas- I blame elementary lunch land
raisons- Still can't connect them to grapes...
processed/ shredded coconut- fresh rocks and love the milk
okra-- those veins are too slimy
grapefruit- can't name it...perhaps the acidity
celery- just don't like the flavor as a snack...but good pureed

I have tried to connect or at least appreciate them for who they are, but there is just no chemistry...

I have shot many photos in the last month...at times too excited to work on the lighting of the photo and now with the new computer and my photos being on the old one...I am behind. But perhaps I should leave you with an older photo.

BBQ Seitan, Veggie Rice, and Sautéed Swiss Chard


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