Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in February...

I have been a busy bee...and am currently flunking at keeping up with my vegan blog...was thinking that I should take my camera out to locals food joints so that one my know the "variety" that is out here...but not now...

Some sweeties came together to honor the blessed child of a favorite couple...Melanie and Charlie...because I haven't been given the rights to post Sam's photo...I can only show you half my contribution...

Picture it, an early Saturday morning...not sure what to prepare in the little time that I had...I had a few veggies and figured that some kind of biscuit casserole would do...checked out my library and came across Veganomicon's Cauliflower and Mushroom potpie with black olive crust.

Now I don't remember too many details other than I substituted broccoli, didn't have too many kalamatas, and threw in red bells...I remember thinking that the veggie portion was too much, so I didn't use as many veggies...BIG MISTAKE...everything cooked was still yummy and everyone loved it despite my personal criticisms....I also made a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, but I wasn't impressed with my lack of decorating skills.

Veggie Potpie with Star Biscuits

Three weeks ago, I awoke to a massive allergy attack. Everything hurt. After sleeping off some of the pain and gathering enough energy to text my supervisor, I found the opportunity to experiment with tofu quiche. I had come across a recipe through Happy Herbivore a few weeks ago. Again, I added a few extra veggies, but have any fresh basil. I think the texture didn't come out right and while the flavor was there...this is something I would only prepare for a big gathering.

Crust-less Quiche

I admit that I once fell for Morning Star's buffalo wings, but they just didn't do it for me...Green, San Antonio's ONLY vegetarian restaurant, has a tofu version, but they aren't for me as well. I have a love affair with seitan...that is my right in this world. While tofu and I go way back...seitan is the ultimate meat substitute...well, maybe 60%-40%...whatever...

Ross, from Vegans Rock Austin, posted an easy recipe a few years ago and that has always been my stand by.

I have messed with it to fit my tastes...i.e. adding veggie stock and holding back on some of that soy sauce. But enough about the seitan.

Seitan Buffalo Wings

-Seitan- as much as you want to fit the bellies of you and those around
-Panko bread crumbs- enough to coat
-Hot sauce
-Non-dairy butter- start with a tablespoon
-Cayanne pepper
-Freshly crushed pepper
-Egg replacer - a few egg portions
-High heat oil...I used Safflower

I battered up the seitan by dipping it in the egg replacer and bread crumbs mixed in with the pepper. I then fried the seitan in med-high heat to a golden brown and drained on a paper towel. Let sit or preferably if someone else is around you...

Melt the butter in a sauce pan and add the hot sauce and agave and let the sauce thicken a bit. Add cayanne to taste. Should be have a nice amount of heat with a cooling sweetness. WARNING: I purchased the organic 365 hot sauce at Whole Foods, but it was spice-less.

When sauce is ready, add in a few nuggets and coat them. I didn't bother with any vegan ranch, but I did a break out a few pickles- that is just the Texican in me.

Next time I make these- I will pay attention to the amount of ingredients used...otherwise I am an eye-baller at heart.

More Yum Yum-ness

Tried a vesion of Lolo's mac n cheeze leaving out the carrots, potatoes, and bread crumbs. YUMMY!!!!

So good, I think I will make some today as well.

Yummy Mac N Cheese

And sometimes a couple of margaritas on the rocks accompanied by chips and roasted salsa can make a girl happy.

They make me appreciate the trees that much more...

El fin...para ahora.

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