Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cupcake Appreciation

Veg News put out an issue a year or two ago about various bakeries in the country and I was eager to try out a vegan cupcake. When I made it out to NYC to visit friends, my friend Melanie accompanied me to Baby Cakes. We had coffee and a cupper and I remember feeling good about eating something that usually felt "bad".

To cut it short, I appreciate these days that much more for my ability to make many a vegan cupcakes. I don't do eggs or butter any more and most of my peeps are thrilled to chow down on something cruelty-free. So thanks to the bakers and shakers that share their recipes...I now don't have to travel across the country but across the house I rent.

Fun with cupcake photography


La Cupcake Vegetariana


Shout Out to VCTOTW

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Bethany said...

gotta love VCTOTW. best cookbook ever. though not every meal can be a cupcake :(