Monday, October 20, 2008


I am a busy girl...the recipe of my life might look something like this:
3 cats
2 dogs
1 boyfriend
2 jobs
2 Parts Activism ...mainly the Free Speech Coalition these days


3 parts creativity- movie, jewelry, crafts, etc.
4 parts cooking (as longs as I have the energy to stand in the kitchen, time, and ingredients of course
2 parts entertainment (documentaries, film, friends, wine, and family
1 part movement (NIA, yoga, dance)
Sleep for taste

I tend to keep it simple when I don't have too much time for cooking and one of my most favorite meals is seitan with bbq sauce, kale, and [enter random side dish]. I am a girl from
Texas and while I don't do beef, bbq sauce with baked tofu or grilled seitan always makes me happy. I love me some sour pickles and good bread to accompany the bbq'ed food. I prefer Chipotle BBQ Sauce from the Candle Cafe and I love to include grilled onions, mushrooms, and red bell pepper. It is comfort for me...well...that along with kale. Greens rock my belly, but kale tends to take first place. I baked acorn squash with a recipe from Candle as well. That book is awesome.


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