Friday, October 3, 2008

Viva Mexico!!!

When I make it down to the Rio Grande Valley (the Valley), I do my best to cross the border in Progresso and hit up Arturo's- a bar/ restaurant. Many memories have been spent here- mainly with my mom. I honor a woman who knows how to enjoy life. She frequents this place with her fellow teachers and pals. There is life music-mainly a man and a keyboard. But hitting up the bar after a few hours of shopping for avacados, shirts, dishware, etc., etc is a must for me.

I love me some margaritas...the tequila is cheap, the limes are sour, and the sugar is minimal


Happy hour is always the best time to show up and it is some time in the afternoon...but it isn't like drinking in an American tourist area. My own special recipe is simple and soon to come.

In my past days, ordering a plate of nachos (just cheese) was a norm, but these days I do just fine with simple mashed might say guacamole, but they don't seem to add any spices...sometimes to good to shoot a photo

Along with that are salted peanuts...


Protein, vitamin C, healthy fats...oh and always garnished with the frozen or rock rita would be an olive on a toothpick...sometimes that little extra touch of salt just doesn't do it for I order a small bowl full...I know, I know...isn't that crazy...olives...con isn't a complete meal, but it sure is a way to pass the time...


And a bottle of topo chico (mineral water) is a must.

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